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Deconstruction of Creston’s White Grain Elevator Commences

Columbia Basin Trust announced the deconstruction of Creston’s White Grain Elevator from a Facebook post the morning of Tuesday 17th June, 2024.

In response to urgent safety concerns, Columbia Basin Trust has initiated the meticulous deconstruction of the white grain elevator in Creston. While the decision was challenging, the safety of the community remains the foremost priority.

Columbia Basin Trust is committed to salvaging valuable first-growth timbers and historic equipment from the structure. These materials will be preserved and repurposed for future projects, ensuring that elements of the elevator’s legacy are maintained.

As the deconstruction progresses, Columbia Basin Trust will work closely with the community to honor the white grain elevator’s legacy. Plans include the creation of historic documentation and display signage to commemorate this iconic structure.

The Columbia Basin Trust remarked that while the white grain elevator could not be saved, they are immensely proud of their recent conversation efforts of the red grain elevator and that it will continue to be a unique community landmark for years to come.

For more information about the Columbia Basin Trusts conservation efforts on both the Red and White Grain Elevator, visit https://ourtrust.org/creston.

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